FAQ’s Vegas Party

What is the best nightclub to choose?

Ask yourself and your guests what music you would like to enjoy. The clubs will vary in music and special DJs. We always recommend taking the time to look up the date of choice, to see what events will take place and where, as well as getting a better idea of the size of the club.

What time will our party package begin?

This will depend on the type of package you have booked, and the time of booking as reservations are first come first serve. For private packages with dinner, you can expect an earlier time between 6:15pm -7:15pm. For packages without dinner, times will vary from 7:00pm – 9:15pm. You will be sent an itinerary of the times prior to your reservation.

How many guests can I bring, and how does this affect pricing?

Each package has a different maximum guest count. This is due to different minimums allowed for different group sizes based on the Nightclub’s rules. All our packages will have their maximums listed in the “details”, but if you are unable to find this information, please feel free to contact us via email or phone.

How far out should I book?

This depends on the reservation date. All reservations are first come first served with your non-refundable deposit. Please be mindful of big event weekends such as holidays, music festivals, etc. This can directly affect club pricing. If there is a question about pricing and availability due to this, please contact our office for more assistance on these eventful days.

When is the remaining balance due? Can I pay the whole balance upfront?

The remaining balance will be due on the evening / day of the event in cash (see itinerary). We do not accept full payments up front for party buses and most of our party packages unless specified in the package. We understand a lot can happen between the booking date and the reservation date. To best serve our customers, and deviate from the possible headache of waiting for refunds on a package balance that may have needed to be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, it will be collected on the day of the event.

What bottles do we get?

All packages that offer bottle service will be vodka bottles. The brand will depend on the nightclub of choice. For premium bottles, such as Patron, Crown Royale, etc., there are additional charges.

Is there a ride back at the end of the night?

Las Vegas nightclubs closing times can vary any where between 4:00AM to 7:00am. We find that a lot of guests may decide to stay out later or leave earlier than the other friends in their group, so not everyone will want to join the ride home at the same time. A ride back can be added for an additional charge, contact our office for pricing.

Are there any hidden fees? Who do I tip?

There are no hidden fees in our packages. Tipping and totals vary for each package and will always be outlined in your itinerary. Always tip your Sin City Party host, this will be the host that contacts you prior to your scheduled pick up time. Tips for your drivers are always appreciated. Gratuity for waitresses with dinner and/or bottle service at the nightclub is included in package pricing.

From where do you pick up?

We can pick up from any location. However there is an additional cost for off strip pick up. If you are unsure whether or not your location is considered as “off strip” give us a call.

I placed my deposit. Now what do I do?

You will receive an emailed receipt via Paypal after placing your deposit. This is NOT your itinerary this is just your receipt for your deposit. Your itinerary will be emailed to you within 24 – 48 hours.

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