Club-Hopping in Las Vegas - VIP Entry | Party Like a Rock Star! Sin City Parties

Club-Hopping in Las Vegas - VIP Entry | Party Like a Rock Star! Sin City Parties

Vegas Party

Club Hopping In Las Vegas

So you have planned your trip to Las Vegas, and the hotel and flight are booked… now it’s time to plan your party. Besides all the wonderful shows, restaurants, and sights to see in a city that never sleeps, club hopping in Las Vegas is the ultimate party experience. Why waste your time in long lines or calling ahead to see who has the best deals? Try booking a club-hopping package with a VIP host to escort you straight to the short line and directly to your table that awaits you with bottle service.

Sin City Parties in Las Vegas has the ultimate hook-up to not only get you into one club for the night but skip the slow lines and get into the VIP lines at multiple clubs all over The Strip. You can avoid cab lines too. We have party bus pick up – all part of the club-hopping party experience. Plus, you will get the best deal in town, guaranteed.

Party Like A Rock Star

Sin City Parties has multiple club-hopping packages to choose from, or you can choose your custom package by using the form in the sidebar. Las Vegas nightclubs, day clubs, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and birthday parties – Sin City Parties does them all. We will bring you a “party like a rock star” experience in an all-inclusive.

A VIP Party With Your Name On It

Visit Las Vegas’ ultimate A-list nightclubs in style with a club-hopping package from Sin City Parties. Most of our VIP club hopping experiences include luxury limo pickup, no entry fees, table and bottle service, VIP entry, and a VIP host to take care of all your night party needs. Sin City Parties has the best VIP club hopping deals in Las Vegas. Create unforgettable club-hopping memories you and your friends will be able to enjoy forever.

The Ultimate Party Experience

Whether you are planning a birthday party, a bachelor party or a bachelorette  party, or a corporate celebration event – you don’t want the hassle of planning out your party needs or paying full price all over town. There are just too many clubs to experience in Vegas and you don’t want to miss out by standing in long lines, catching expensive cabs from one place to the next, or having bottle service sold out. We will take care of all the details for you. Give us a call and tell us about your plans. We will make sure to suggest the perfect clubs to match your style.