Throwing A Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

Are you planning a Vegas bachelorette party in Las Vegas? You’re in for a treat. From checking out Caesars Palace to visiting the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden, there’s so much to do and see! Take a helicopter flight over Lake Mead, view the gorgeous Bellagio fountains and the Vegas Eiffel Tower, and have a blast!

Not sure where to start with your bachelorette crew? No problem. Read on for our best Las Vegas hen party tips so you can hit the Las Vegas strip with confidence.

A Bachelorette Party Dancing Together In A Nightclub.

What Happens in a Bachelorette Party?

So what do you do during a Las Vegas bachelorette party anyway? Well, it depends! Bachelorette parties are just as diverse as the brides-to-be who attend them. Every bride-to-be is different, so every bachelorette party is different. With that in mind, Las Vegas is one of the best bachelorette party destinations for a reason. There are seemingly countless things to do when you visit Las Vegas, and so many of these things are perfect for a one-of-a-kind girl’s trip with the bachelorette crew.

The goal is to give the bride an over-the-top good time in whatever way she sees fit. For some brides, that means thrill rides and day trips to the Grand Canyon. For others, going to Vegas for a bachelorette bash would be incomplete without lap dances at male revues and paying cover to see famous DJs in the entertainment capital of the U.S.

A good party planner can help you make the most of your party. They’ll make sure that you’re beating the desert heat and finding countless fun things to fill your time. They’ll help you find a restaurant with a delicious menu, let you know when to view the Bellagio fountain, find you a sexy male revue like Kings Of Husrtlers or Magic Mike Live, and even help you get into a perfect pool party in Sin City.

So, in short, there are so many indoor and outdoor activities from a Drag Bunch with Pole Dancing Class to a Spa Day that can take place during the best Las Vegas bachelorette party. What matters most is that the bride is having a blast on the Las Vegas strip.

What Not to Do With the Bachelorette Crew

Avoid planning activities or surprises that might make the bride uncomfortable or go against her preferences. Keep the focus on celebrating her in a way that aligns with her tastes. For example, while a male strip club may seem like an obvious stop on your trip, not all brides are comfortable with that. Your bride may prefer a day trip to the Arts District or a hike at Red Rock Canyon over any traditional Sin City activities.

Be mindful of the budget of all attendees. Avoid planning activities or selecting hotels that may cause financial strain for some members of the party unless you plan on helping them pay. Remember, it’s totally possible to hit Fremont Street on a budget. Planet Hollywood and the MGM Grand, for example, can be cheap places to stay in Vegas.

While it’s common to enjoy a few drinks during a bachelorette bash, avoid drinking too much. Be aware of individual limits and encourage responsible drinking. On that note, you should familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations, especially regarding noise, public behavior, and alcohol consumption. Avoid activities that could lead to legal issues. Yes, Las Vegas is party-central, but it’s not a lawless land.

Remember that the primary goal of a bachelorette party is to celebrate the bride and create fun memories. By being considerate, respectful, and mindful, you can ensure that this is a great send-off for the bride.

Who Pays for What?

When it comes to the costs associated with the bachelorette weekend, who’s footing the bill? After all, a Vegas bachelorette party won’t be cheap. It depends, but there are some general “unspoken rules” you can expect the Bachelorette crew to follow.

The bride is typically not expected to pay for any of her expenses during the party. Her costs for accommodation, meals, and activities are usually covered by the attendees. Bridesmaids and other attendees are usually responsible for covering their own expenses, including travel, accommodation, meals, and personal activities. They also contribute, as we mentioned, to the bride’s expenses. 

If there is a designated person or a group of individuals taking on the role of planning and organizing the party, they may cover certain expenses as a gesture of appreciation to the bride. This could include decorations, party favors, or any surprises planned for the bride. This doesn’t include professional event planners, but rather, the Maid of Honor and other close friends of the bride.

What’s a Good Budget for a Las Vegas Bachelorette Party?

The budget for a party in Las Vegas can vary widely. A large group will cost more than a small group, for example. Fine dining and popular nightclubs will cost more than fast food and dive bars. Here’s a quick breakdown of what the “bride tribe” can expect to pay.

Vegas stays can be pricey. Consider the number of nights you’ll be staying and choose accommodations that suit the group’s preferences and budget. Upscale Las Vegas bachelorette hotels on the Las Vegas Strip tend to be pricier than off-strip options. Also, consider that standard hotel rooms at a Cosmopolitan hotel may end up costing more than two or three-bedroom vacation rentals a quick drive from the strip. Factor in the cost of transportation to and from fabulous Las Vegas. This includes flights, airport transfers, and any party bus transportation you may need during the stay. Don’t forget to factor in Uber and cab rides, especially if you plan on hitting the partying scene in downtown Las Vegas.

Budget for Fun and Food

Vegas offers a wide range of activities, from shows and spa treatments to pole dancing, Magic Mike live shows, nightclub experiences, Cirque du Soleil shows, and pool parties. Research the costs of specific activities and entertainment options that Las Vegas offers.

Plan for meals and drinks. Las Vegas has a diverse culinary scene, with options ranging from casual affordable options to fine dining restaurants. Consider budgeting for group meals and individual dining preferences. If your group plans to experience the nightlife, budget for club VIP entry fees, drinks, and any VIP experiences you may be interested in. Bottle service at clubs can be a significant expense.

Viva Las Vegas

So how will you enjoy your Las Vegas bachelorette bash? There are countless options, so regardless of your “vibe,” you’re sure to have a blast with your crew! From fancy bottle service and beer pong to a trip to hike the Seven Magic Mountains and check out the Hoover Dam, there’s something for everyone.

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