Unique Bachelor Party Packages In Las Vegas

Las Vegas offers much more than casinos, bars, and wedding chapels. Many activities are so adventurous they make a night spent bar-hopping look like a walk in the park. Alternate options for parties are becoming more and more popular as people look for the newest and coolest experience they can find.

Bachelor Parties With An Edge

Drinking and dancing the night away, or partying with gorgeous strippers is what most people think of when they think of the Vegas Bachelor Party. While this might sound like a fantastic time to some, to others, it’s just not the kind of party they want to have to celebrate their best bud getting hitched.

Contrary to popular belief, you can absolutely party in Las Vegas without it looking like a scene out of The Hangover.

Enjoy Getting Off The Strip

  • Gorgeous views.
  • Experiences you can’t get anywhere else.
  • An adrenaline rush like no other.
  • Bragging rights that no one else has.
  • Revel in more daytime Vegas adventures.
  • Unforgettable moments with your friends.

Party Ideas With Adventure

If you’ve got your heart set on a completely different bachelor party experience, consider these outings:

  • An action-packed time on the range with a Machine Gun Experience, located right on the edge of the Mojave Desert. You may even be able to shoot some famous movie guns like from The Terminator!
  • Try a heart-pounding ATV excursion with excellent views of the Hoover Dam and the desert, for a bachelor party you will never forget.
  • Test your driving skills and that of your buddies in our off-road professional race track, where you are sure to be able to catch some serious air in our Pro Race Trucks.
  • If it’s views you’re looking for, you can’t get better than a helicopter’s eye view of the Strip, where you can see all of the most iconic landmarks from high in the sky.
  • You can even mix and match these experiences with different packages that we offer, like the ATV and Machine Gun Combo, or the ATV and Helicopter Strip Tour Combo.

Plan Your One-Of-A-Kind Bachelor Party Excursion

At Sin City Parties, we’ve been on the scene long enough to know how to have fun, even off the beaten path. Vegas is so unique, and we hate for you to miss out on incredible, memorable experiences because you think the only thing to do here is what you see in the movies. Contact us today to start planning!